Most people serve coffee only in plastic and paper cups. Why are you different?

We realize that our clients work hard on every detail of their wedding or event. We are committed to emphasizing this special atmosphere, not undermining it. Therefore, we serve our hot coffee and tea in beautiful white china cups, cold brew and nitro cold brew—in elegant glasses, and we serve them with aesthetically-pleasing stainless steel, heavy-weight flatware. Of course, we are prepared to serve our beverages in paper or plastic cups to guests who wish to take them ‘on the go’ after the event or when it’s not convenient or practical to use glassware (like office lunch).

China and glassware is a good option for 'closed' events—people will spend all their time at the venue. It doesn't really work well for 'open' events like conferences, trade shows, or in public places where people only pass through.

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